About Us

Established in 2009

and persistently making quality denim since then.


First thing first, we love what we do, we do what we love and we love denim. Esre is built from our own personal experience and is inspired by our surroundings. We, as a brand were inspired and also can be defined by several things as follows, motorcycles riding, workers and blues.

Every each of them have a distinctive meaning to us as a brand. Motorcycle riding defines us because basically you need to keep moving to keep your balance, everyone crashes, some get back on, some don’t and some can’t. We believe it happening to us throughout our journey, we have met ups and downs but us always trying to get back up and doing what we love. Workers for the value of bold and toughness, we believe we all are Proles, we have to work hard to gain, and we are not afraid of doing what we believe in, we do not surrender and give up.

In everything we do, we always strive to make things based on “Form Follow Function” principals. We at Esre believe there are two ends of everything whether it is for function or for fashion. It is often sacrificing the other end but we are trying to find the formula to combine both fashion and function. To develop product that is not only comfortable but also looks good. We like the basic idea of jeans which is a functional item that initially worn by workers. We took that idea, re-imagined it so it would fit in the current conditions by adding some vintage details and using modern cut. We keep things simple and functional. We like to work with people with different backgrounds, understanding their needs and then try to fulfill their needs with what we are making.

We worked with the guys from Thrive MC, a Jakarta based motorcycle garage. We identified their needs. Together, we came up with 18oz denim in slim straight cut and medium rise that will be comfortable and durable enough to be used while wrenching and riding. It won’t feel too tight but still giving the riders the accessibility they need.